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Try shift-clicking and control-clicking or both. This Java applet was programmed by the fabulous Kristjan Varnik based on Chapter 9 in Cliff Pickover's book Keys to Infinity.


Interesting java curves

Lissajous Curves
Rhodonea Curves
Sinusoidal Spirals
Spiral of Archimedes
















L I N K S 

The Geometry Junk Yard

Famous curves aplets

Fractals - circles

Fractal papers

Imagine geometry

Ozzigami surprise



Some number links

Geometry toys


Interesting numbers 


Fibonacci numbers

Maths puzzles

Maths constants and iteresting numbers

Math constants

Polyhedron models

Population growth

First 300 Fibonacci numbers

Largest known primes


Online conversions

Conversions pt 2

Conversions pt 3

Astro calculator