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Maths Maths Java GoldenSection M Puzzles general general 

Why study mathematics

Mathematics Resources

What is mathematics

What is mathematics 2

Mathematic quotations

Mathematical forum topics

Fergus Murray Trigonometry, geometry

Pau Bourke Maths graphics V       Analysis

Maths mistakes

Math Symbols and terms A-Z

Mega Mathematics

Maths98 vv

Newton, Leibniz, Euler


Hist of maths  Newton 


Calculus  Calculus2

Historic figures

Montana Maths

NewtonGerm  Germ2


History of mathematics   Multimedia Physik 

Ask a scientist (mathematics)

Common errors in maths

J Louvet Fractals

Fractals by Jos Leys

The maths Forum    Texas intruments for students

Biographies of W. mathematicians               Poster Project W maths

Mathematics in art and nature (and Links)

Mathematics linkx

The geometry junkyard

M DJoyce

M Bruenner M KursD

Math Atlas

Famous Curves Index

Geometry Centre

Interactive Java applets

Java applets on mathematics

Surendranahs Applets

A Spass

Fendt Java applets Maths Physics Astronomy

Gallery of mathematics Java 

Spiral animation

Java Animations

A Kallenbach

A P Kraus

W Fendt v

Kas Applets

Ed Resources for teachers M P vv

Math with Java

Live 3Dgraphic

The Golden Ratio  x2   -  x - 1 = 0            The golden mean 

The famous function z2  + c = f(z)  

Infinite Fractal loop

Continued Fraction       Fractions2        Fractions3

Numerica     Continued fractions

Fibonacci and Golden Sections

Pentagram and golden ratio

Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers              (Frisian School)

Pentagram and golden ratio

Magic squares etc         Mazes

Math quotations

M Spass

M Games






Botanical gardens

Alp Transit Gotthard

World National Parks




The Huxley File

Alan Turing






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